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On the first Sunday of the month we invite you to give to both:

1. Your regular Giving and

2. Our Benevolence Fund*

*NOTE: To give to both the Regular Giving and Benevolence fund, click on the "Add donation" button and select "Give Online" below. 

At Redwood Chapel we are pursuing a vision that calls us to be a Ridiculously Generous people in everything we do. God has demonstrated His generosity to us and we want to extend that through ministries on our campus, in our community, and around the world. When you give to Redwood you are helping to accomplish that vision as we seek to magnify the work of the gospel through the ministries of this church.


Thank you in advance for your faithfulness.

  • General:  Supports the operations, ministries, and missions of Redwood Chapel.

  • Benevolence: Money from this fund supports people in our church and community who have immediate financial needs.

  • Legacy: Supports special projects at Redwood Chapel through memorial and honorary gifts.

  • Christmas Fund (seasonal): Supports ministry and infrastructure projects as designated by the Board of Elders each year

There are 4 Funds to choose from:
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