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Choose a small group and you will be contacted personally by the host of that group.
(Space is limited in some groups and a waitlist will be created once they reach capacity.)
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Why Small Groups?

As a relational disciple-making church, we understand that life-change happens in the context of relationships. Like Jesus modeled for us nearly 2,000 years ago, small groups are an environment where everyone can pursue authentic community and experience spiritual growth.

Your Life is Your Group.

From sports groups to lunch groups, mom groups to young adult groups, Bible study groups to creative arts groups, we want our small groups to be as varied as we are because we believe that God works in all the different aspects of our lives when we are intentional about connecting relationally and growing Spiritually.

Types of Small Groups

At Redwood Chapel, our small groups vary as much as we do,

helping people connect relationally and grow spiritually.

Sermon-Based Small Groups Discuss and apply the principles from sermons delivered at Redwood Chapel. Discussion guides, small group materials, and devotions will be created and shared with each group weekly.  Interest-Based Groups Gather with people of common interests or hobbies and include intentional discipleship along the way. From workout groups to choir/orchestra groups, this is a great way move towards Biblical togetherness with the gifts or interests that you have.   Season-of-Life Small Groups Join with people in the same season of life and move towards Jesus together. Singleness, parenting, dating, grief, divorce care, men’s groups, women’s groups, you name it - whatever you’re going through, you can start a group around it and not go through it alone. Gender-Based Small Groups Discipleship-based groups for people of the same gender to encourage and strengthen one another in being authentic, Biblically-based men or women of God.     Age-Based Life Stage Communities Sunday morning Bible Studies for people of every age. Starts at 9:30am each week and childcare is provided. A great way to be with people of your similar age and study the Bible together. Midweek Groups for Children/Youth Midweek discipleship-based groups for youth from 1st – 12th grade. This includes EP!C Tuesdays for 1st-5th graders, Middle School Ministry Wednesday nights, and High School Ministry Sunday nights.

Small Group Essentials

What you can expect at any Redwood Chapel Small Group

Prayer Relying on God and seeking His power to live the life we are called to live. Key Questions: How much are we, individually and collectively, relying on God through prayer? Do we pray for each other regularly? How often do we seek God for guidance? How much of what we are doing is in our own strength? Gospel-Centrality Pointing each other to the good news (past, present, and future) of Jesus. Key Questions: Are we pointing people to Jesus? Are our conversations/teachings Biblical/centered on the good news of Jesus? Are we grace-based instead of works-based? Do we encourage faith in Jesus instead of relying on ourselves (our actions/behaviors/appearances, etc.)? Are we following Jesus? Growth-Leading Purposefully meeting others where they are and shepherding them towards spiritual maturity.  Key Questions: Are we able to assess where people are in their faith journey? Do we know their spiritual needs? Are we bridging the gap between peoples’ felt needs and their spiritual needs? Are we caring for one another? Is everyone using their gifts? Authenticity Knowing and being known by others. The freedom to be who we are, as we are becoming who we were created to be. Key Questions: Do people really know each other? Do people trust each other? Do people share their burdens/sins with others? Are people being “real”? Accountability Helping each other by following up and encouraging next steps. Key Questions: Are we helping each other take next steps forward? Is there follow-up? Are we applying truths in our lives or just gathering information? Are we becoming more like Jesus? Consistency Regularly meeting and involved in each other’s lives. Key Questions: Do we regularly meet? Are people committed to one another? Are we sharing life together? Are we quick to resolve conflict? Do we fight for our relationships with one another?

Never led a group before?

Don't worry. We will train you and support you along the way so you will not be alone. If you are interested in leading a group, fill out the group registration through the button below.

The Process for Starting a Small Group We’ve developed a process for starting small groups at Redwood Chapel that is meant to be simple, clear, and helpful. Below is the normal process for starting a small group, but feel free to contact our Pastor of Discipleship if you have any questions. 1. Join a Small Group We think it’s really helpful for people interested in starting a small group at Redwood Chapel to see how a group works and learn ways to help people connect relationally and grow spiritually. Even if you’ve been part of a small group at a different church, many people find that our ways of implementing the 5 “essentials” of a small group are different and easiest to learn by observing first. It also allows you to build relationships with others at Redwood Chapel. In general, we ask people to be part of a Redwood Chapel small group for at least three months before leading a small group. 2. Become A Member of Redwood Chapel Through church membership, we ask each of our small group leaders to commit to working together towards the same direction of helping people connect relationally and growing spiritually. Each member agrees to our statement of faith and the Biblical leadership of our pastoral staff and elders. This provides unified direction for our small groups and protection for the people we are serving. 3. New Small Group Leader Orientation This orientation is meant to give you an overview of how small groups fit into the goal of discipleship, the purpose and use of our 5 “essentials” for small groups, and information about ongoing support for you as a leader. 4. Fill out the “Start a Group” Form This is usually done at least 3 weeks before you would like the small group to start and it allows you to share basic information about the small group you want to lead, including start dates/times, location, topic of the group, etc. Once this form is submitted a staff member will contact you to go over the details and begin the internal routing process to launching and promoting your small group. We require a background check for each of our small group leaders (at no cost to you) as part of the routing process. (optional) Co-Lead a Small Group Creating a discipleship culture can be difficult, but with the help of another leader(s), it becomes a lot easier. Having co-leaders allows more people to step into a leadership position, provides a diverse use of gifts, and various perspectives that would otherwise be missing if a group was led by one individual.

Kory Keefauver
Pastor of Discipleship / Small Groups

Kory grew up in Nebraska, but moved to the Bay Area right after High-School and became a follower of Jesus in the College Ministry at Redwood Chapel. This is also where he met Sam, the love of his life. Soon after, he joined the Coast Guard and served 8 years Active duty and 5 years in the Coast Guard Reserves. He left the Coast Guard in 2016 and served as an Associate Pastor in Santa Rosa before coming on staff at Redwood Chapel as the Pastor of Discipleship in 2021. Sam and Kory are parents to 3 amazing kids and a guinea pig named Mr. Knight. On his days off you can find him at the gym, coaching youth sports, or shooting double bogeys.

Connect With Our Small Group & Christian Communities in Castro Valley

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