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Ways to give to Redwood Chapel

throughout the year.


Online Giving

For those who prefer online transactions, you may give one-time gifts or set up an ongoing personalized giving plan which allows you to establish a pattern of consistent giving.  This secure method of giving allows you to give at any time from anywhere.  Please Note: Giving through this website is safe, secure and confidential. A receipt will be sent to you immediately via email and the transaction will show in your bank records within a short time.


Giving Through The Mail

Some choose to mail their gifts to Redwood Chapel when they are on vacation or may have missed a Sunday. To give by mail, please write the check to: Redwood Chapel; and mail it to:

19300 Redwood Road, Castro Valley, CA 94546.


Giving Envelopes

Others in the Redwood family choose to give their through an envelope system which provides a confidential and personal giving envelope for each week of the year. If you would like to receive a set of giving envelopes, please contact our Finance Department.

Text Giving

Once you are set up, it is easy!

Start by sending a text to 84321 with the amount you want to give in the message line.  Be sure to include a $ sign before the amount.  Within a minute, you should receive a registration link (which expires in 15 minutes).  Click on the link, select Redwood Chapel, and enter your contact and payment information.  After registration is complete, you will receive a verification text and receipt via email.  For future giving, simply text 84321 with the amount you want to give, and it will process automatically. 

If you made a mistake, simply type “REFUND” (within 30 minutes) or “MISTAKE” (for ACH bank transfers), and the donation will be cancelled. If there is a specific Redwood Chapel fund you want to give to (i.e., Benevolence; Legacy), type that name after the amount [$100 Benevolence].  Otherwise, all donations go to Redwood Chapel’s General Fund.  


Stock Holdings

Stock holdings can be transferred to the church via your broker.


Will Trust or Estate Sale

Discuss with your attorney/estate planner how to bless the church through your will, trust, or home sale.


QCD (Qualified Charitable Donations)

If you are 70.5 years or older, a QCD permits annual direct transfers from an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) to the church. There are significant tax benefits when a direct transfer is made (e.g., this can be helpful for a Required Minimum Distribution). Contact your IRA trustee or custodian to make a direct transfer to the church.

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