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Who is this camp for?

Kids going into grades 1-6 in the fall of 2024. Please enter their CURRENT 2023-24 grade in our registration.


What will we do at Life Summer Camp?

Life Summer Camp is 4 tracks in 1 Camp! Register kids for one of the four tracks. All kids will begin together, then split into their tracks - STEM, Active, Arts and Crafts, or Performing Arts. 


How do I know which track my kid will enjoy most?

Your kids may enjoy any of the tracks.

But to help you narrow it down:
Does your kid love sports?

   Choose the ACTIVE track!

• Does your kid love creating art?

   Choose the Arts and CRAFTs track.

• Does your kid love learning science & building?

   Choose the STEM track.

• Does your kid love music & drama?

   Choose the Performing Arts track.

Kids will remain in the track in which they are registered for the week.


What will my child do?
All kids will begin and end in the main auditorium and learn lessons focused on how God created us to worship Him. Kids will be assigned to a team of about 12 kids within each of their tracks. They will go into their track classes for hands on experiences in their own track. They will also use a camp journal during a small group snack and chat part way through the morning. 

All kids will be supervised by volunteers that have been cleared by Redwood Chapel.


All kids will receive a Life Summer Camp t-shirt. Please indicate size in the registration. If a size is not indicated, they will receive a Youth Large.

How much does this camp cost?

The camp costs $30 for each child participating in a track. 

july 8-12, 2024!

Registration is now closed.


If you are thinking, "This sounds like fun! I want to volunteer!" then please register to volunteer. There IS a volunteer application process, and limited availability for that as well. All volunteers must fill out an application to serve. Volunteers over 18 years old will be background checked if they have not recently been cleared to serve at Redwood Chapel. We do have childcare available for infants and toddlers of volunteers.

We are 100%

committed to our community

Believing that everyone should hear the Good News-

that God created us, He loves us,

we are sinners in need of a Savior, that Jesus is our Savior,

that true LIFE comes through Jesus alone,

the Holy Spirit enters our life and comforts us,

that we have a HOPE and a FUTURE,

and Jesus is coming again - Amen!

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