due to current 

covid-19 restrictions,

we have made the hard decision to cancel

life summer camp.


June 15-19 6-8pm

this is for kids!

Kindergarten-5th grade.

(kids attending K-5th grade in the 2019/2020 school year.)




LIFE Summer Camp

is created by Redwood Chapel for the elementary age kids in our community. Campers will enjoy five amazing evenings of learning in a fun way. They will learn how Jesus has given us LIFE and how we show that in our LIFE.


We offer 3 TRACK CHOICES all at 1 CAMP;

ACTIVE, STEM and CREATIVE! Choose the track that best fits your child.

Kids who are attending K-5th grade in school will register to be in one of the three tracks and be divided into Level 1 (grades K-2) and Level 2 (grades 3-5). All kids will meet each day, in the Start Zone with their assigned Leaders, then will go to their track area for the remainder of the evening. The goal is for them to have fun while learning how God is involved their area of interest.


How do I know which camp is best for my child?

LIFE summer camp includes:

start zone

An exciting time of music and inspirational learning from God’s Word.

3 Tracks available

Choose one at registration - ACTIVE, CREATIVE, or S.T.E.M.


Learn more about the gifts and talents God has given you.


Discover how God can bring your gifts and talents to LIFE

for His glory and purpose.

More about each track

You will be able to choose 1 of the following tracks when you register for LIFE Summer camp.


The active track is designed for kids who love to move.


The creative track is designed for kids

who love to create.


The STEM track is designed for kids who love to build.

exciting news!

Thank you to Microsoft who is partnering with us for our STEM track at no additional cost.

Registration is closed!

Volunteer Registration is closed.

Regular attenders of Redwood Chapel, click here to help serve.


We are 100%

committed to our community

Believing that everyone should hear the Good News-

that God created us, He loves us,

we are sinners in need of a Savior, that Jesus is our Savior,

that true LIFE comes through Jesus alone,

the Holy Spirit enters our life and comforts us,

that we have a HOPE and a FUTURE,

and Jesus is coming again - Amen!