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Here is way more information - in case you like details!

We are the Children's Ministry here at Redwood Chapel and we are very excited that you are planning to join us.

Please take some time to let us know you are coming. You will register your children ages infant through 5th Grade and this will save time when you come on Sunday morning!

When does Sunday School Begin?
9:30am - Sunday School classes for all grade levels up through 5th grade begin.

9:30am & 11am - Nurseries, preschool and Kindergarten run for both hours.

10:30am - kids in grades 1-5 are picked up from their classroom by the adult that dropped them off and join their parent or guardian in the Worship Center.

11:30ish - Kids (grade 1-5) will be excused during the service before the sermon to the RCKids Center for Kid Church.

12:15ish - At the conclusion of the worship service parents pick up their children in the RCKids Center or from the Nursery, PreK & Kindergarten class.


Where do we go when we arrive?

1. Please make your way to the RCKids Check in, just inside the main Lobby doors.


2. Let a Check-in Attendant know that this is your first Sunday and that you have already registered online and they will assist you. You may use the last four digits of your mobile number or your last name to find your child's information and check them in to the appropriate class. Your child will be given a name badge and younger grades (through Kindergarten) will also be given a claim check. Nursery aged kids will additionally have an extra tag for diaper bags.


3. We will be happy to help you find your way to drop off your child, then point you in the right direction.


How should we register?

Please click here to get the process started and shorten your time on Sunday morning.


If you are an out of town visitor and only plan to attend once, live in the area and attending periodically or looking for a home church we will still need your child's information in our system for safety reasons. 

Thanks for reading all this information, we can't wait to see you in person!​

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