In the same way that we might carefully prepare for the big events in life, such as a graduation or wedding, so we can and should prepare our hearts for remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter. We invite you to use the daily scripture reading in this devotional guide to lead your heart to celebrate the victory of the light and life of Christ over the darkness of sin and death. It is our prayer that as you take this journey with us from Ash Wednesday to Easter, you would be reminded of the reality of our broken humanity, but as days grow brighter, you would also experience with greater abundance the reality of God’s redeeming grace.

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A 40 Day Devotional
to prepare for
Easter Sunday
February 17 - April 4, 2021

2/17 – Genesis 3:14-19

The Dust – In the beginning we see the effect of sin as the Enemy receives his curse.

2/18 – Genesis 9:8-17

The Promise – No matter how dark our sin might grow, God will not turn his face against us again.


2/19 – Genesis 15:7-12, 17-21

The Darkness – When the sun sets, God continues to work, forging a covenant with Abraham.


2/20 – Genesis 22:1-14

The Test – How can death lead to life? The answer ultimately comes in the Promised One.



Gen 45:1-15

The Provision


2/22 – Genesis 49:8-12

The Lion – From Judah’s line will come a Ruler whose kingdom will never end.


2/23 – Exodus 12:1-13

The Passover – Unless God intervenes and covers us we are destined to His judgment.


2/24 – 1 Samuel 2:1-10

The Prayer – Hannah is restored by trusting the Lord’s provision and power at work in her.


2/25 – 1 Samuel 2:27-36

The Priest – For God to right the wrongs of this world there must be a chosen one who intervenes.


2/26 – 2 Samuel 7:1-4, 11-17

The House – Through David’s family God will be glorified through His coming King.


2/27 – Psalm 110

The King – The promised King is unlike any other; He clothes us in holy garments for Divine worship.



2 Chron 6:12-40
The Dedication


3/1 – Psalm 2

The Son – This Psalm points forward to the Divine Son who will reign as the Righteous King.


3/2 – Psalm 118:22-24

The Stone – That which the world rejected has become the Cornerstone of our salvation.


3/3 – Psalm 69:1-2

The Scorn – Even when rejected and in distress David’s zeal is for the glory of God.


3/4 – Psalm 109:21-31

The Appeal – In the face of injustice David asks God to act and make right the wrongs.


3/5 – Psalm 22:1-11, 29-31

The Forsaken – Personal suffering that leads to redemption is a mystery the Resurrection.


3/6 – Psalm 68:7-18

The Champion – The power of God is at work in you because of what the Champion has won.



Psalm 18
The Rock


3/8 – Psalm 72:12-19

The Name – There is one name that offers God’s children freedom, restoration, and forgiveness.


3/9 – Isaiah 42:1-9

The Chosen Servant – God’s Servant will first serve us by enacting justice and granting freedom.


3/10 – Isaiah 49:1-6

The Servant Israel – The ideal Israel is one who acts as a light to the nations.


3/11 – Isaiah 50:4-9

The Sinless Servant – The Lord’s perfect servant will suffer on behalf of disobedient people.


3/12 – Isaiah 53:1-6

The Suffering Servant – The Lord’s servant endures the pain of suffering so that we do not have to.


3/13 – Isaiah 55:1-7

The Water – Learn to see Jesus as the pure and limitless satisfaction for your thirsty soul.



Ezekiel 47:1-12
The River


3/15 – Isaiah 61:1-3

The Spirit – God’s servant is filled with God’s Spirit to enact a beautiful transformation in brokenness.


3/16 – Jeremiah 33:14-18

The Branch – Jesus offers his righteousness so that we have no fear of rejection by God.


3/17 – Ezekiel 34:23-31

The Peacemaker – A shepherd will come who will remove wickedness and usher in God’s peace.


3/18 – Haggai 2:6-9

The Treasure of the Nations – The One who owns it all comes to establish his rule.


3/19 – Zechariah 9:9-10

The Coming King – Victory will come to God’s people through the great sacrifice of a King.


3/20 – Zechariah 12:10-14

The Mourning – The darkness of sacrifice will not last the grace and mercy to come.



John 10:1-20
The Good Shepherd


3/22 – John 1:29-34

The Lamb – Jesus is the true Lamb that has been provided to take away the sins of the world.


3/23 – Matthew 4:1-11

The Fast – Jesus goes through testing to show us how to rightly fulfill the Law of God.


3/24 – Mark 1:40-45

The Healer – The Good News is that Jesus is the contagiously clean man who restores the broken.


3/25 – John 8:1-11

The Forgiver – Jesus establishes righteousness in sinners through his love and grace.


3/26 – Luke 9:18-27

The Call – Allegiance to Jesus can never be half-hearted, it is a daily choice to follow him.


3/27 – John 12:20-33

The Sowing – Seeds are living things that must die in order to reproduce and raise new life.



The Arrival


3/29 – Mark 14:3-9

The Anointing – True worship of God requires that we do not hold back anything from Him.


3/30 – Mark 11:15-19

The Cleansing – All that stood between God and humanity would be done away with in Christ.


3/31 - Matthew 26:1-5, 14-25

The Plot – There is great comfort in knowing that nothing can interfere with God’s divine plan.


4/1 – John 13:1-15

The Washing – In Christ we are given a beautiful freedom to serve others with humility and love.


4/2 – John 19:1-37

The Cross – Read slowly and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the story of Christ’s death.


4/3 – Matthew 27:57-66

The Grave – Because the grave is conquered, we can experience new life in Him.



The Resurrection