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food pantry

Providing food assistance to those within and without Redwood Chapel.

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Providing tangible assistance to Redwood Chapel attenders; people who may not attend Redwood Chapel, but have a relationship with Redwood Chapel; and special community projects.

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Healing prayer with elders
Elders praying with and for Redwood Chapel attenders and members for specific needs, 2nd Sunday each month at 6pm in room 207.
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divorce and relationship recovery network
Providing support and helping anyone and everyone dealing with divorce and/or broken relationships, past, present and potentially future;
meets on ZOOM.

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healing tears

Providing support to anyone dealing with the lingering effects of an abortion(s).

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stephen ministry

Providing a personal care giver to support and help others dealing with various life issues (family, grief, health, etc).

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Gospel message of Jesus to everyone in the Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Oakland and the East Bay area community

Mental Health Resources

  1. Sequoyah Counseling Center Castro Valley - ph (510) 646-0123  

  2. Trinity Counseling San Leandro - ph (510) 430-1115 Megan Hearne:
  3. Christian Counseling Center Hayward - ph (510) 783-6629 [Mary Triplett]

  4. East Bay Counseling in Alameda ph (510) 900-9912 and Dublin ph (925) 272-9242 [Shylah Blatt]

  5. Trinity Life Counseling Pleasanton- ph (925) 262-1155 [Joyce Perry]

  6. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ph (800) 273-8255

  7. Shepherd’s Gate (women’s shelter), Brentwood and Livermore campuses - ph (888) 216-4776

  8. City Team (men’s shelter), Oakland – ph (510) 452-3758


Your health insurance may also have counseling options, but they may not provide a Christian counseling resource.

We care

If you would like any information about CARE/SUPPORT,

please feel free to contact Pastor Sam Morgan.

email me.

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