2 dozen tips to help during social distancing:

  1. Institute family game night

  2. Discover and rediscover “new” music.

  3. Get a head start on Spring cleaning

  4. Collect old clothes for donation

  5. Learn a new language

  6. Research online learning oportunities

  7. Read a good book together outloud

  8. Start a crazy big puzzle

  9. Play cards, board games

  10. Learn to bake (with an adult!)

  11. Watch some fun movies as a family

  12. Write a play, act it out and record it

  13. Excercise

  14. Take a Hike

  15. Call your relatives and friends

  16. Write a letter

  17. Email, facetime, or chat with loved ones

  18. Start a prayer journal

  19. Give your pet a bath and a hug

  20. Wash all your doorknobs

  21. Draw some fun pictures

  22. Decorate your room

  23. Wash dishes

  24. Get into God’s Word daily

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