March 20, 2020
Redwood Chapel Family

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention." That proved true this week as because of the county and state restrictions on public meetings, our tech team worked behind the scenes so that we could launch "Redwood Chapel Online"!  Starting this Sunday (3/22), all of our Sunday morning LifeStage classes, RC Kids ministries, Student Ministries, and our Sunday morning service will be available either through live streaming on the Redwood Chapel Youtube channel or through Redwood Chapel’s many Facebook groups. Here is the schedule of what you can expect for this Sunday’s kickoff:


  1. Adult LifeStage classes will meet online during the 9-10am window. If they have not already, your LifeStage class leader should be contacting you shortly with information on how to join their meeting. If you are not part of any LifeStage class and would like to join one of these meetings, please let us know by email [info@redwoodchapel.org].

  2. RC Kids will host a Zoom face to face meeting starting at 10am. A meeting invite will be sent by Brian Matangelo shortly.

  3. Student Ministries will be streaming online using either Facebook and/or Instagram starting at 10am. Sheri will provide more details in her communication with parents.

  4. All of these meetings online will end by 10:45am to give everyone time to join our worship service at 11am.

  5. At 11am, our Worship Service will be available live through Redwood Chapel’s Facebook page. For those who are not on Facebook, we plan to also broadcast live to Redwood Chapel’s YouTube page. The Worship Service video will thereafter be available on Redwood Chapel’s website. Because we acquired better equipment [thanks Tech team!] and a streaming license this week, we are hopeful that the sound quality will be much improved and there will be singing of worship music. If you cannot join us at that time, the audio sermon will still be posted on Redwood Chapel’s website after the service concludes. We encourage you to interact with one another through the chat feature on Facebook Live, as that helps to promote community when we are apart geographically.

  6. Before Sunday, look for online messages from Pastor Jeff and other ministry leaders on Redwood Chapel’s Facebook page and website.

  7. For those of you not using Redwood Chapel’s Online connection points this week, we are currently looking into alternative ways to connect efficiently using conference calling during our online broadcasts. You are always welcome to call Redwood Chapel [510-886-6300] at any time and we will pick up your message and return your call as we are able. 

Please pass this information to your social networks this weekend. We were blessed by so many new listeners to Redwood Chapel’s service last week, but we don’t want to lose any person who is normally with us in person each week. As such, please continue to use the ChurchCenter App or call to let us know of any needs you may have, prayer requests, and notes of praise during this time. Our staff will to continue to pray for you when we receive this information.
In His Grip,

Pastor Jeff