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Rooted deep within the 70-year history of Redwood Chapel is our passion to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups around the world!

Currently we partner with 19 missionary families that we have commissioned, pray for and financially support – and often send short-term teams of the Redwood congregation to assist them with key projects.

Scores of Redwood folk volunteer to serve in vital missional efforts throughout the year in partnership with our Bay Area mission partners which include: CityTeam, Real Options Medical Clinics, Follow Up Prison Ministries, Shepherd’s Gate, International Students, Innocent Voices, Foster the City and Project Peace.

Our Missions Policy and applications for Career or Short-term Missions involvement are available. To learn how you can be involved in "going or sending" on mission, or to pick up the latest copy of our Missionary Praise and Prayer requests, contact Joan Kady, our Missions Admin by email:

As a church community, we are committed long-term to help establish an indigenous, multiplying gospel movement among the Japanese of Japan, one of the largest "least reached" people groups in the world (less than 2% profess to follow Christ). If you have ministry interest to help us establish a church-planting movement among the Japanese, or to assist in Bay Area outreach or a homestay to the Japanese, please contact us by email:

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