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When you visit Redwood Chapel you can expect to

see the following values lived out as part of our DNA:


Preeminence of Jesus

all we do points to Jesus by celebrating and worshipping Him for the things is He doing among us


Biblical authority

in all of our preaching and teaching


Congregational unity

fellowshipping together and valuing one another as we pursue Jesus



Gospel advancement in our communities and around the world


Relational Discipleship

encouraged and available for every person at Redwood Chapel


Ridiculous generosity

living open-handed towards those in need (e.g., Benevolence)



advancing Redwood Chapel’s Mission by assisting local non-profits,

schools, and other community organizations to amplify our impact


Servant leadership

in humility, equipping current and future leaders within the church for the work of ministry



the freedom to be who we are, as we are becoming who we were created to be



acknowledging our own sin as a problem from which we need to turn away



relying on God and seeking His power to live the life we are called to live

Gospel message of Jesus to everyone in the Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Oakland and the East Bay area community

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