David C. Cook


Empowering Family as Primary

God’s design for faith replication is through the context of the family (Deut. 6; Ps. 78). The church plays a supportive/equipping role in this endeavor and fills in the gap for family when sin, spiritual blindness, and/or dysfunction keep a physical family from being the spiritual leader (Eph. 4:12).

Spiritual Formation for Lifetime Faith

A new generation needs a strong foundation of biblical knowledge in an environment where they can encounter the living God. Children and students can open their hearts to God, learn to discern His voice, have a desire to obey Him, and do so in the power of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 2:13).

Scripture is Our Authority

The Bible is God’s truth for daily living. God’s Word holds instruction and inspiration that guides children and students to know God and interpret their lives through the lens of His character and perfect will (2 Tim. 3:16-17).


The Holy Spirit Teaches

Parents and leaders have the opportunity to create “environments” where the Holy Spirit is free to move, teach, and lead through His Word and other believers (Jn. 14:26).


God’s Redemptive Narrative

“The Big God Story” is God’s ENTIRE story. It incorporates all of history, stretching from Genesis to Revelation and beyond sharing the good news of redemption through Jesus. Every generation not only plays a part in this incredible story, but is also part of a much larger faith community of past, present, and future believers (Romans 8:1-2).


God is Central

Because it is one story the emphasis is on God’s love and redemption through Jesus (Col. 1:20), not the supporting cast in any given storyline (for example: “God Is Victorious” vs. “David and Goliath”). God is central to His Word, our lives, and the gospel.


A Community of Ministry Support

First, the Holy Spirit comes alongside of each believer to support him/her in living as a disciple of Christ. Next, a unified community of ministry leaders from around the globe inspires, equips, and supports each other to transform the lives of a new generation both in the church and in the home so that no one is alone in the endeavor to pass on faith to the following generation (I Cor. 12:18-27).